Friday, March 31, 2006

The Fact of Change

Anicca, change or impermanence is a fact of life, one of the 3 Signs or Characteristics of life ( the other two are Dukkha or Unsatisfactoriness and Anatta or Non-Self ).
Unless and until we realize this through Insight Meditation, we will continue to suffer states of stress, conflicts and problems. The wise surfer rides smoothly over the changing waves ... he will not be overwhelmed beneath the waves of change.
The wise person realizes that all life is a flux ... the world, phenomena and conditions are changing. He strives diligently towards a state of mental calm, peace and freedom in the midst of life's uncertainties . The Way? 3 Steps ... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE
DANA ( selfless giving ), SILA (morality ) and BHAVANA ( mental cultivation)

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