Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wisdom Lesson from a Laugh 4

A meditation teacher walked
around to check on a group
of meditators meditating. He
noticed that a meditator was
alternately pressing his
nostrils, right and then left and
then right and so on. The teacher was
indeed very puzzled. After
the meditation session was
over, the teacher called up the
meditator who had been meditating in a strange way.
Teacher : Why were you meditating in a strange way … pressing your nostrils one at a time?
Meditator : Sir, I was merely following your instructions. You said,
‘Breathing in …one nose. Breathing out …one nose.’
The teacher was shocked. He had instructed, ‘Breathing in …one knows, breathing out …one knows.’

Be careful! So many things in our life go wrong because we misinterpret instructions. When in doubt, we must seek clarification from the wise ones ... people who know and have realized the Path to happiness, peace and freedom.

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