Monday, April 24, 2006

Wisdom Lesson from a Laugh 5

The Materialistic Lawyer
A very successful lawyer drove his brand-new million dollar Ferrari to his office. The egoistic lawyer wanted to show his car to his colleagues. As he got out of the car, a truck came close to the curb and completely ripped off the driver’s door of the Ferrari. The lawyer immediately dialed for the police with his mobile phone. In less than five minutes, a policeman pulled over. Before he could say anything, the lawyer started screaming, complaining about his damaged new Ferrari. “My new car is gone … no amount of repair can make it new again,” the lawyer yelled. “Oh, this loss is really breaking my heart.”
The policeman, observing with disgust and disbelief, shook his head and told the lawyer, “I can’t understand how materialistic you lawyers can get. Here you are so focused on your new car. Didn’t you realize that your left arm is missing … also ripped off by the truck?”
“Oh no,” the lawyer wailed, “My Rolex!”

Reflection: Some are so obsessed by materialistic wealth that they forget or ignore the many more important things in life.

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