Monday, May 22, 2006

Wisdom Lesson from a Laugh 8

The Three Wishes
A man walking along a beach came upon a lamp.
He picked it up and rubbed it. A genie shot out and granted him
three wishes.
The man first wished for a million dollars and a million dollars
appeared near him. Then he wished to have a Palace fit for
a powerful king. And a majestic Palace appeared behind him.
Now, the man was filled with further greed. He had money, power ... now, sensual lust grew in him.
“As for my last wish,” the man said, “I’d like to be irresistible to women and they'd crave for me.”
POOF! The man turned into a box of chocolates.

Unwholesome desires can lead to a man's downfall. One's wishes and desires can take an unexpected and painful twist. Things don't always go the way one wants or expects.

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