Friday, July 14, 2006

Wisdom From A Laugh 15

The Obituary
A miserly old woman walked into the local newspaper office to have an obituary written for her husband who died a couple of days ago. The person in charge at the office told her that the fee for the obituary was one dollar per word. The woman thought for a while and then said, “Let it just read ‘Fred Anson died.’
Amused at the woman’s ‘thrift’, the man at the office told her, “I’m sorry ma’am. There is a 7-word minimum for all obituaries put in our newspaper.”
The woman was getting annoyed. She pondered for a few seconds and then said, “In that case write , ‘Fred Anson died. Good 1982 pick-up for sale.’ ”
A miser’s behaviour and actions can be most unbecoming … small wonder why he or she cannot relate well to others. Unless and until one lessons or removes one's greed and stinginess one can never find true happiness and peace.

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