Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Buddha Says 20...

There never was,
there never will be,
nor is there now,
a person who is wholly blamed
or wholly praised.
Dhammapada 17 : 228

Reflection * No one, not even an Arahant or Enlightened Being is free from blame, abuse or the negative actions of others who are still filled with the defilements of greed, hatred and delusion.

* No on, not even an Arahant or Enlightened Being can be completely and perfectly praised or accepted, followed or respected by all.

* Reflecting on this, # Why should we react negatively and suffer when others insult, abuse or slander us? The wise ponders : If there is some truth in the accusation, slander or gossip, then we can take steps to improve and remove the negative traits. If there is no basis in the negative things hurled at us, our mind should rest in equanimity ... without reacting, we will have mental peace.

# Why can't we learn to forgive and let go if others 'hurt' us ? After all we too ourselves have our own faults and weaknesses.

# When will we realize that in every 'bad' person there is some 'good', and in every 'good' person there is some 'bad'? In this way, we will relate well to all.

# When will we grow in the Dhamma and develop a mind that is steady and unperturbed by mundane and worldly 'abuses', 'insults', 'slanders' , 'gossips' and what-nots. No one is free from the 8 worldly conditions of Praise and Blame, Pleasure and Pain, Gain and Loss, Honor and Dishonor.

With Metta,

Bro. Oh Teik Bin


chun peng said...

i may sound stupid but what's the difference between Arahant and Enlightened Being
former- (A lou Han in chinese?)
later - (Buddha?....what's the definition of buddha then?)

Blackright Nikkon said...

Bro. Oh, I don't know why I found it's hard to forgive others and forget about our past. I don't blame anyone, but I feel like I've lost control of myself and act violently when someone irritates me... ... I wish I could have get myself away from everything, I just wanna have some peace, and being alone is the only way for me to think clearly...

Bro. Oh said...

An Arahant is an Enlightened Being ... one who has completely removed the mental defilements of greed, hatred and delusion.
"Buddha" refers to The Awakened One ... The Perfect Being with perfect Compassion and Wisdom.
The Fully Enlightened Buddha ( Samma Sambuddho ) is the Omniscient Buddha who can expound the Dhamma for the welfare and happiness of all.

Bro. Oh said...

Dear blackright nikkon,
When one grows with the Dhamma through understanding, practice and realization of the Dhamma, one will 'let go' of the past .. let go of illwill, anger and hatred of others. Learn to watch the mind ... mental states ( irritation, anger, illwill etc ) arise and go off ... one learns not to react to them.
Peace and mental clarity comes from within ... when one continues to practise Dana, Sila and Bhavana. It is not the outside world or others that 'disturb' us ... it's more our attitude and reactions to the things that happen to us. Be patient ... good Dhamma Practice WILL reap the benefits.