Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life Lessons From A Meditation Retreat

I went for a one-week Vipassana Meditation Retreat at the Buddhist Hermitage Lunas from 2 October to 9 October 2006. The experiences and lessons learnt were indeed invaluable. Apart from the practice to see clearly the psycho-physical phenomena, many life lessons were learnt . They included the following:
* Dana ( Generosity ) - The dana practiced by the Dhamma Protectors really touched one's heart. One could see the joy of giving.
* Sila ( Morality ) - The observance of the 8 Precepts gave one a real sense of peaceful simplicity and contentment.
* Nekkhamma ( Renunciation ) - Letting go and being detached from the worldly luxuries one is so used to indeed gave one utmost serenity, freedom, contentment and peace.
* Panna ( Wisdom) - The little insights one could gain from the practice are really priceless - they are one's true treasures and wealth.
* Viriya ( Energy ) - Being energetic, vigorous and persevering with Right Effort truly gave one an invaluable spiritual experience.
* Khanti ( Patience ) - Through the pains and struggle to 'conquer one's mind' , one indeed learnt the value of patience.
* Sacca ( Truthfulness ) - The realization of Dhamma or Truth, little by little, gave a glimpse into one's real nature.
* Adhitthana ( Determination ) - One would realize that without this, one cannot move in the spiritual path.
* Metta ( Loving-Kindness ) - One would realize the power of metta. One's heart opened up when one experienced so much good and kindness all around.
*Upekkha ( Equanimity ) - The practice indeed trained one's mind to be more calm, serene, unruffled, peaceful and balanced amidst changing conditions.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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