Friday, December 15, 2006

The Buddha Says 25

There never was,
there never will be,
nor is there now,
a person who is wholly blamed
or wholly praised.
Dhammapada Chapter 17 Verse 228

* Praise and blame are two of the 8 worldly conditions that all are subjected to in Samsara. Even the Buddha, the Fully Enlightened One was abused and blamed in His life ... but His mind was unruffled ... perfectly calm, equanimous and peaceful.

* When one reflects on this wisely, one will realize that it's one's reaction of the mind that causes one to suffer. Note, acknowledge and reflect on any 'blame', 'abuse', 'accusation' etc with an equanimous mind. If the 'blame' has no basis, why react and suffer? If the 'blame' has a basis, one can seek forgiveness and resolve not to repeat the unskillful action ... one can do some positive actions ... no remorse or guilt ...

* When praise is showered upon us, one has to be mindful and contemplative lest one's ego fills and weakens the mind. With wisdom one can allow the 'praise' to spur one on to more positive and beneficial actions.

* Like all other states, 'praise and blame' too will pass ... everything is impermanent. A realization of this can help one live life more peacefully.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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