Friday, December 01, 2006

Wisdom From a Laugh 30

Worm Control
A teacher wanted to teach his 12-year old students about the danger and evil of liquor – how it can ruin our health and kill us. He thought of an experiment which he felt would convey the message effectively.
In class, the teacher got ready two live worms, a glass of tap water and a glass containing some whisky. He put the first worm into the first glass of water – the worm wriggled and moved about quite energetically.
“Now, class, observe carefully”, the teacher said, “what happens to the second worm.” He put the second worm into the glass of whisky – the worm writhed painfully and quickly sank to the bottom – dead.
“Now, what important lesson can we learn from this?” the teacher asked.
Tommy raised his hand and very confidently answered, “Drink whisky and you will be free from worms!”

One has to be careful in teaching others. Any wrong message conveyed must be quickly corrected.

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