Friday, December 08, 2006

Wisdom From a Laugh 31

. Picking a Punishment
When evil Mr. Blackheart died he was sent to hell. Satan met him and showed him the doors to three rooms. Blackheart had to choose one room and spent an eternity in the room. At the door of the first room, he saw people suffering with cow manure up to their necks. He asked Satan to show him the second room. There he saw screaming people in the room filled with cow manure up to the mouths of the people. “It’s terrible,” Blackheart told Satan. “Show me the third room.” In the third room, there were people with cow manure up to their knees and they were eating cakes and drinking tea. “I choose this room,” Blackheart said.
Blackheart joined the people in the room eating his cake and drinking his cup of tea. “At least it’s not as bad as the other two rooms,” Blackheart thought to himself. Just as he was about to finish his tea, Satan appeared again at the door and announced, “Tea break is over. Now back on your heads again!”
We can never be sure what is in store for us. Just when one thinks that one has taken the best path, the unexpected can happen. Appearances do not always tell the whole story.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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