Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Story To Ponder Upon

Tragedy Or Blessing?
This Story happened some years ago
In Scotland where blue skies meet the meadow.
There were nine children in the Clark family.
Clark and his wife worked and saved diligently.
It was their dream to sail to America one day.
They believed that good fortunes would soon be on their way.
They finally saved enough money to sail across the vast sea.
Reservations on a new ship were made for the whole family.
The family was filled with much anticipation.
Everyone looked forward to life in the new nation.
However, seven days before they were to set sail.
A dog bit the youngest son and he turned very pale.
Rabies was a real possibility.
A Doctor treated the boy urgently.
The Trip to America could not be made.
Anger and frustration they could hardly take.
The father watched the ship leave without them.
He shed tears and cursed his son and God, “Damn!”
Five days later, news spread of a Tragedy.
All Scotland was shocked at this Calamity.
A mighty ship had sunk – it was the Titanic.
Had the Clark Family sailed, it would be tragic.
When Clark heard the terrible news, he hugged his son.
He looked to Heaven and thanked the Almighty One.
Brothers and Sisters here and everywhere.
Let us all reflect and ponder with care.
A Blessing, a Tragedy ? … it is hard to see.
There is one CERTAINTY and that’s UNCERTAINTY.

May All Of You Be Well And Happy !
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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