Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wisdom From a Laugh 38

Smart Dog
Two women who owned dogs were bragging about their pets and
arguing as to whose dog was smarter.

First woman : My dog is so smart - every morning, he waits for
the newspaper boy to come around and then he takes the newspaper
and brings it to me.
Second woman : I know this.
First woman : How do you know?
Second woman : My dog told me.

Just when you think you are superior, something comes along to deflate your ego. It does not pay to brag or boast.
* To establish a good relationship with others, we need to practise Right Speech.
* We should not lie, boast or brag. We should speak the Truth.
* We should not slander and try to bring down another. We should practise speech that promotes harmony and goodwill with others.
* We should not use harsh words that can hurt others. We should speak with kindness, compassion and understanding.
* We should not engage in empty and frivolous talk. Avoid rumors. We should speak more beneficial and constructive sppech - speech that wil help one grow in wisdom and compassion.

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