Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Buddha Says... 30

Neither father nor mother nor any other relative will do
a man so much good as a well-directed mind.
Dhammapada 3 : 43

* For every person, ultimately what matters is his or her mind : how well-trained it is to experience happy and peaceful mental states.
* The well-trained and well-directed mind
1 is filled with peace, joy, compassion, kindness, equanimity and wisdom.
2. is free from states that bring much Dukkha ( Suffering ), for example, greed, unwholesome desires, anger, adversion, illwill, enmity, jealousy, hatred
fear, egoism and delusion.
3. does not react negatively to the changing conditions of samsaric world.
4. understands and sees the true nature of things ... things as they really are.
5. experiences the lightness of freedom, serenity and bliss ... arising from wisdom and insight into the Way things really are.

* To attain a well-trained and well-directed mind, one needs to practice the Dhamma as follows:
1. Practice more and more Generosity/Charity/Service to others.
2. Observe all the moral precepts to a greater and greater level/degree.
3. Learn, understand and reflect more and more on the Buddha-Dhamma -- through Dhamma talks, discussions, sharing, Sutta-Study and Dhamma contemplation.
4. Meditation ... where one practices "Letting Go" more and more and more!

With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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