Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Buddha Says ...33

As a solid rock is not shaken by the wind,
even so the wise remain unshaken
amidst blame and praise.
Dhammapada Ch. VI Verse 81
* In our conditioned world, none is free from the 8 worldly winds that will 'blow into us' time and again : Gain & Loss; Pleasure & Pain; Praise and Blame; Honor & Dishonor. This is a fact one has to acknowledge and realize in our hearts.
* When we train our minds to respond wisely to these 'worldly winds' ... we will not be 'slaves' to our conditioned reactions that will lead to suffering ... anger, frustration, attachment and clinging, jealousy, hatred and other defilements.
* Even the Buddha, the Full-Enlightened One was abused and blamed but His mind remained tranquil and unperturbed. His mind was peaceful and free.
* We worldlings with our defilements will naturally be blamed, abused, disliked or hated by some, cursed and accused at some time or other. Our mind must know how to reflect and remain peaceful. 'Why react? Why worry? Why be sensitive? Why retaliate? ... All these will make us suffer mentally and physically. If what has been 'adversely done upon us' is untrue having no basis, learn to ignore and 'let go'. We will then suffer less. If there is some basis with regard to the criticism, blame and insults ... acknowledge our weaknesses and strive to improve.
* Learn to watch the mind to check upon any negative states arising. MINDFULNESS is the ultimate key.
* Why suffer the pain of reacting negatively ... when we realize the 3 Signs of Dukkha, Anicca and Anatta ... our mental peace and freedom will be less shaken.
* Reflect : 'Everything will pass ... let not your peace and happiness be controlled by others. ' Your Refuge is in the Dhamma .... a realization into the Way things are. '
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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