Saturday, May 19, 2007

Of Words and Attitudes

Of Words and Attitudes
* One's speech can cause hurt, pain, ill will and a host of other negative mental states in others.
* One needs to be heedful or mindful of one's speech.
* Wrong speech comprises the following
- lying with the consequence of hurting others
- slander
- harsh speech
- gossip or frivolous talk.
* Speak words which are truthful, kind, harmonious,
reconcialling and constructive>
* A positive attitude, one based on non-greed, non-anger and non-illwill is very important for one to develop peace and happiness within ourselves and with others.
* One has to train the mind NOT to react to the 'Negative things' that happen to us or around us. Cultivate the mind to grow in wisdom, compassion and Freedom.
* When one understands Right Views, one develops good and wholesome actions.
* Right Views will lead one to have good attitudes in life.
With Metta,
bro. Oh Teik Bin

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