Friday, June 15, 2007

On Mindfulness and Compassion 2

Let us examine some actual incidents/happenings to illustrate how our lack of mindfulness and consideration for others bring about negative effects or consequences.
# 3 Not Punctual
Happening :

An adult Committee Member of a Buddhist Association has the habit of coming late for any meeting or appointment. He keeps others waiting.
Effects/Consequences :
The other members of the Group who have to wait for the person for the meeting or appointment are not happy with him. They have some negative thoughts about the person. They lose respect for him.
Notes/Reflections :
People who are not punctual for things are in a way stealing time. Isn’t this a break of the Second Precept ?
If one cares about others ,one has to make a determined effort to be on time for meetings and appointments.

#4 Zombie Student
Happening :
A ‘ Zombie ’ student is not aware of important notices put up in a local Buddhist Association even though she frequently goes there. As a result, she does not apply for the Guidance Class which she so wants to follow. When classes start, it is too late; all places are filled.
Effects/Consequences :
The ‘Zombie’ student is disappointed and upset because she forgets to apply. Her parents are mad with her for failing to be in the Community Guidance Class. News about her case spreads among her friends and she is labelled ‘Zombie’.
Notes/Reflections :
It’s unbelievable that many youths today have eyes but see not and they have ears but hear not. It’s all a question of being aware and mentally alert to what is happening in our surroundings. We need to learn to pay better attention to things around us.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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tan said...

Dear Bro. Oh,

I think the problem is always youths today 'chooses' things to listen to. If it is something about, say entertainment, for sure they'll be very aware of it.

Wooi Leong