Monday, June 18, 2007

On Mindfulness and Compassion 3

Let us examine some actual incidents/happenings to illustrate how our lack of mindfulness and consideration for others bring about negative effects or consequences.
* 5. Wastage
Happening :
Two Buddhist friends very often go to the local Buddhist Association to do their study and revision work in the afternoon. They study in a classroom equipped with fans and air-conditioning. This is more conducive than their homes which are noisy.
Sad to say, they often forget to switch off the electric switches of lights/fans/air-con.
Effects/Consequences :
Electricity bills go up because of wastage. Despite reminders, the problem recurs . Because of this , these two young persons have earned a bad name and they are not well-liked.

Notes/Reflections :
When one develops mindfulness, one lives in greater harmony within oneself, with the environment and with others.Accidents are oftentimes caused by carelessness or a lack of mindfulness.

# 6. Happening :
An adult Buddhist member has this terrible habit of not keeping to his promises or appointments. He would ask to see a person to get some help over certain things. He fails to turn up. The other person is kept waiting in vain. Phone calls to him are not answered as he has gone out.
Effects/Consequences :
Word soon spreads about the person’s terrible trait . He is regarded as unreliable and his words hold little weight. He does not have many friends . “Once bitten, twice shy” , they say.

Not keeping one’s words or promises in a way amounts to lying. Isn’t this a break of the Fourth Precept ?
A person who does not keep his promises undoubtedly will have problems of human relationship with others.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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tan said...

Dear Bro. Oh,

It is sad to see that wastage happens. As it is difficult to change a person's bad habits, perhaps wastage can be reduced if the library's staff checked on the fans and air conditions when the students leave.

Wooi Leong