Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On Mindfulness and Compassion 5

Let us examine some actual incidents/happenings to illustrate how our lack of mindfulness and consideration for others brings about negative effects or consequences.
*9. Happening : "Borrowing"
A certain Buddhist lady in a local Buddhist Association has the habit of “borrowing" things from the Association without permission. Once she “borrowed” for a long period, a cassette recorder without telling anyone . It was months later before it was found out.
Effects/Consequences :
Some committee members searched high and low for the ‘missing’ cassette recorder when it was required for use. It was deemed lost. Months later, the ‘loss’ was traced to the lady. Word spread around about the lady’s unwholesome action. What a reputation she would acquire.
Notes/Reflections :
Taking without permission things that do not belong to us constitutes a break of the Second Precept. Reflect on the action: it caused suffering to others : legitimate persons could not use the equipment and people had to waste so much time and effort searching for the ‘missing’item.

# 10. Happening : "Messing Things"
A certain Buddhist member is in the habit of leaving messy things around after use … unwashed cups, plates, tools, books and what-nots. Others have to clear up for him.
This person causes much hardship to others. Soon , many are afraid to work with him. His work habits are poor and people don’t think too well of him.
One of the basic lessons in Kindergarten is : “Clear up your own mess”.We need to be more mindful . We are relating to others; we should not give others pain because of our carelessness. With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin


Gaik Huey said...

Bro Oh,
Thank you for pointing out various mistakes and weaknesses of humankind. There are a lot of things we can learn from it. Such cases can happen to anyone of us, because, nobody is perfect. The auntie, uncle, or students might not be aware (or mindful enough) that, what they did inflicted pain onto others, until incident happens. They didn't do it on purpose to cause suffering to others. I'm sure they felt sorry and ashamed for what they did, and people around should forgive them for their ignorance. Forgive and Forget. So there'll be no bad talking about that person.Hehe, but once bitten twice shy, somehow it'll leave a mark on people's impression for them.

Pig said...

"Word spread around about the lady’s unwholesome action."
But there was bad talking in this Buddhist Association.