Thursday, August 09, 2007

Info on a Retreat

Forwarded Material from Bro. Y.K. Leong
Two Vipassana Retreat Programmes are now in the pipe line. This is to give an opportunity to those who were not able to attend the previous Retreat. These dates are:
[A] 8th to the 18th of December 2007
[B] 7th to 21st February 2008

Both are to be held in Bukit Tinggi.

At this time, especially in December the weather is cool and windy. Those intending to take advantage of the cool weather should bring along sufficient warm clothing, especially at nights. This is the ideal time for a relaxing retreat and you will be able to gain the maximum benefit from the ideal conditions.

This is a beginners and a "back to basics" for the advanced meditators for them to truly spend quality time to meditate without undue external hindrances. Individual Guidance for beginners is a speciality at these Retreats and all are welcome.

These Retreats are not religious in nature and all are welcome. The emphasis is on ease of practice for all. In the due process of your practice and as you gain insight wisdom, you are sure to gyrate towards a life of morality, thus accelerating your own sense of right or wrong in your desire to free your mind. We are all inheritors of the results of our deeds of previous existence and those results will surely aid us in our ongoing practice to further the development of our minds.

Meal times are relaxed and food is organised to be on the healthy side, not necessary overly health conscious; just healthy and tasty. We are non-vegetarian, but should anyone request we will accommodate to a moderate extent. For those needing a special diet, please advise us before hand so the necessary arrangement can be made to help you meditate well. Most vegetables are grown in the farms around us and are organic in nature. You will be enjoying truly fresh vegetables and fruits.

Vipassana meditation is a method to free the mind and with a free, calm and healthy mind we will have a better chance of surviving in a world of so much pressure and mental and physical pollution.

You should contact us at to register your intention and reserve a place. The maximum numbers we are accepting for each Retreat is 12 yogis.

Further details can be obtained by contacting Bro. Y.K Leong at as the date draws nearer.

May you be well and happy and may you attain peace and calm.

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