Monday, August 27, 2007


by Unknown Author

Just could this be paradise
Right here where you are?
Nirvana within you
Not somewhere afar?

Tho' some would decry it
And say it can't be,
Just follow along
If you long to be free.

Your life's what you make it -

Your choices each day,
The thoughts that you harbor
And words that you say
Determine the status
Of your life today.

So if you want more
Than you think you have now,
Watch closely your mindset
And you'll find out how

Just live in the present.
Think only the best
About yourself first,
And then all the rest
Of your brothers and sisters -

You'll find that you're blessed,
And really in paradise!
It's all in your mind.
Whatever you look for
Is just what you'll find.

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