Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seeking Truth

If a man had been wounded by a poisoned arrow and when attended to by a physician were to say, 'I will not allow you to remove this arrow until I have learned the caste, the age, the occupation, the birthplace, and the motivation of the person who wounded me,'then that man would die before having learned all this. In exactly the same way, if anyone who should say, 'I will not follow the teaching of the Blessed One until the Blessed One has explained all the multiform truths of the world' - that person would die before he had all this explained."

* Seeking truths of life while not applying what was learnt into real life would bring no benefit to the lifetime.
* What is more pertinent in one's life is practising the Dhamma ( Generosity, Morality and Mental Purification )rather than spending so much time in speculative or philosophical/metaphysical/theoretical questions which have little value in helping one to grow spiritually.
* When one grows in Compassion and Wisdom through Dhamma practice, the answers to so many of life's questions will unfold through insights into the true nature of things.

Source: Majjhima Nikaya, translated by H. C. Warren

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