Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Oak Tree and The Reeds

There is an old fable in which the mighty oak tree which stood for over one hundred years finally was blown over by a storm. The tree fell into a river that floated it downstream until it came to rest among the reeds growing along the riverbank. The fallen giant asked the reeds in amazement, "How is it that you were able to weather the storm that was too powerful for me, an oak tree, to withstand?"
The reeds replied, "All these years you stubbornly resisted the winds that swept your way. You took such pride in your strength that you refused to yield, even a little bit. We, on the other hand, have not resisted the winds, but have always bent with them. We recognized the superior power of the wind and so, the harder the wind blew the more we humbled ourselves before it."
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* The Proverb "Pride Goes Before A Fall" teaches us a good Life Lesson. Humility and gentleness are strengths. Due to our EGO, sometimes we foolishly resist or fight against things that are inevitable or cannot be changed.
* When wisdom ( which needs to be cultivated through Dhamma Practice ) tells us that certain happenings are unavoidable, we need to accept them with patience, calmness and understanding. Suffering will follow the person who foolishly and forcefully interferes with certain happenings of Nature that are inevitable .
* Oftentimes one has to learn to 'flow smoothly with the happenings of life' with a mind of patience, equanimity and understanding. One then attains a degree of mental peace and freedom.
* A wise person knows that he has to practise flexibility and adaptibilty according to the changing circumstances of things. The foolish one clings on to a rigid set of rules, traditional beliefs, false pride and stubbornness.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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