Friday, November 23, 2007

Wisdom From A Laugh 57

Dead Drunk
Two men, one in his fifties, the other in his twenties were sitting in the bar. The older man , after a few rounds of drinks, started shouting and insulting the younger man,
“Do you know that your mother is a loose woman, one without morals … I slept with your mother a number of times!”
Everyone in the bar looked at the two men. The older man once more was yelling at the younger man,
The younger man patted the old man at the back and said loudly, “It’s time to go home, dad… you’re dead drunk!”
The speech and actions of an intoxicated man can be most vulgar and unbecoming.
When a person breaks the 5th Precept of not refraining from intoxicants ( alcohol and drugs ), he loses his heedfulness and can break all the other 4 Precepts ... he can kill, he can steal, he can commit sexual misconduct and his speech can be filled with lies, slander, harshness and gossip.
Let us strive to keep our mind always clear, heedful and mindful.
With Metta,
Bo. Oh Teik Bin

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