Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wisdom From A Laugh 58

The Patients
A psychiatrist entered a room with 2 patients. He saw the first patient sitting on the floor pretending to saw a piece of wood into two halves. The second patient was hanging from the ceiling by his feet. The doctor asked the first patient what he was doing. The patient replied, “Can’t you see I’m sawing this piece of wood into halves?”
“What is your friend doing up there in the ceiling?” the doctor asked.
“My friend is crazy,” the first patient told the doctor. “He thinks he’s an electric bulb.”
The doctor, noticing the man hanging down the ceiling getting red in the face, asked the first patient, “ Why don’t you get your friend down from the ceiling before he hurts himself?”
“No way,” the first patient said. “If he comes down, I have to work in the dark!”

A man may notice the craziness of another but he is not aware of his own craziness.
Others' faults are easy to see but as for one's own faults, oftentimes one is blind to them.
We are in a way all 'crazy' or 'mad' ... mad with the defilements of greed , anger and egoism. Unless and until one attains clarity and freedom of the mind, one's mind can easily be conquered by the 'devils' of greed, anger, hatred and delusion.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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