Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Difficult to be born a Human Being

According to the Buddhist Scriptures, it is difficult and rare to be born as a human being compared to the other realms of existence such as the Animal Realm or the Realm of Ghosts and Spirits.
To show this rare opportunity to be born as a human, there is a Simile of a blind turtle out in the vast ocean coming up to the surface once in a hundred years trying to put its head through a yoke floating randomly on the water surface.

The turtle simile is to advise us not to waste our life as a human because it is difficult and rare to be born one. It is even rarer to be born a human and then to meet with Buddhism. How many humans are there on earth that have never heard about the Buddha’s teachings? It is even rarer still to meet with Buddhism, and then to meet excellent teachers of the Dhamma. So we must make good use of this fantastic opportunity given us. We must have planted many good seeds before to be given this opportunity. Nothing happens in Buddhism “by chance” or “by luck”. There is a cause to everything and there are effects.

You might want to Check out a Power Point Presentation on You Tube ... the Theme Song from the Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak 14th Dhamma Youth Camp 2006 , namely, "Goodbye Samsara, Hello Nibbana." There are some good Dhamma points for Reflection.
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