Monday, April 21, 2008

Wisdom From A Laugh 67

One Fine Day
A husband and wife were returning home by bus after their
weekly marketing.
The husband lighted a cigarette and started puffing away.
Wife : Hey, didn’t the doctor advise you to stop smoking
smoking months ago?
Husband : Indeed he did, darling. And I promised the doctor
I will quit smoking onr fine day.
Wife : It’s been three months already. Hasn’t that fine day arrived?
Husband : Ah … every time I decide to quit when the fine day comes, the day immediately turns lousy!

Bad habits cling to a person very strongly and are diffificult to remove. It takes understanding, wisdom and discipline or a strong will power to give up one’s bad habits.
It is wise never to pick up a bad habit right from the very start.

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