Sunday, May 25, 2008

Philosophy Of Life

Philosophy Of Life
Think freely . Practice patience. Smile often .
Savor special moments .
Make new friends . Rediscover old ones .

Tell those that you love that you do .
Feel deeply . Discard worry .Forget trouble .

Forgive an enemy .
Keep a promise .Take a chance .Try something new .

Reach out .
Have good ideas . Make some mistakes . Learn from them .

Be crazy . Count your blessings . Observe miracles -- make them happen . Pick some daisies. Share them .
See a sunrise .Listen to the rain. Look for rainbows .Gaze at the stars .

See beauty everywhere .
Laugh heartily .Spread joy. Reminisce .
Give Trust . Give in .
Slow down .Let someone in .Be soft sometimes .
Hope . Grow .Work Hard .Be Wise .Try to understand .Cry when you need to .
Trust life .Have Faith .Enjoy wonder . Comfort a friend

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