Friday, December 26, 2008

Are you doing something? ... A Story

Are you doing Something?
A man distraught by all the pain and suffering he saw all around him broke down and banged his fists into the dirt.
His head turns upward and he yells at his God.
"Look at this mess. Look at all this pain and suffering.
Look at all this killing and hate.
God. Oh God!
And his God spoke to him and said
"I did. I sent you."
As long as we are in this Samsaric world ( the cycle of conditioned existence ... birth, suffering, ageing. death, rebirth ...), we have to face the 8 worldly conditions of happiness & sorrow, gain & loss, praise & blame, honour & dishonour . That's the Way things are.

* Instead of always complaining, blaming and being negative about the way things sometimes go, why don't we chart our lives as follows :
# Develop our minds to get rid of greed, anger, hatred, and
delusion. We will then attain peace and freedom of the mind.

# Go forth and do something to relieve the suffering of the less

# Do something to make our Earth a better place to live in.

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