Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wisdom From Humor 79

The Pay Roll Clerk
A pay roll clerk was alone in the office when two masked
robbers entered.
“This is a stick-up,” one of robbers said, pointing a gun at
the clerk. “You make a move and you are dead! Just hand
over all the money and you won’t get hurt.”
Fearing for her life, the clerk obeyed, and the robbers scooped up all the money and put the notes in their pockets.
As the robbers made for the door, the clerk shouted, “Just a minute! Please take the payroll books too! The auditors are coming tomorrow!”
Incompetent or very dishonest workers can sometimes resort to unbelievable and unethical ways to cover up their cheating ways or the mistakes they commit. But beware ... there is a price to pay eventually when such unbecoming actions are discovered.

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