Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wisdom From Humor 80

Calling a Monkey …
Smart Robin was sued by a Mrs. Robinson for defamation of character.
The judge found him guilty and fined him five thousand dollars.
After the sentence, Robin asked the judge in a loud voice, “That means I cannot call Mrs. Robinson “Monkey”?
“Yes, precisely,” the judge replied.
Making sure that Mrs. Robinson could hear him loud and clear, Robin then asked the judge, “Can I call a monkey ‘Mrs. Robinson’ then?”
“Oh, that would be alright,” the judge replied. “No legal action can be taken on that.”
The man then looked at Mrs. Robinson directly and said, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Robinson!”
Some mean people will think of all sorts of ways just to get even with people they dislike. People who bear anger, aversion, jealousy, ill will and hatred towards others can never find true peace and happiness.

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