Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wisdom From Humor 81

An Innocent Question
Mokhtar, a naïve primary school pupil asked his father,
“Father, where did I come from?”
His father knew this question would be coming someday and he was prepared. He gave Mokhtar all the facts about fathers and mothers making babies. He told it very carefully and honestly so that his son
would understand. However Mokhtar just frowned in puzzlement.
Finally, his father asked Mokhtar, “What are you puzzled about?
Don’t you understand?”
Mokhtar remarked, “That’s really strange … my friend Rudy said he came from Surabaya.”

How often have adults given unnecessary or unsatisfactory answers to the innocent questions of the young?
How often have we made atrocious mistakes too quickly because we assume things and fail to consider various aspects of the issue?

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