Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wisdom From Humor 87

Lottery Ticket
A lazy superstitious man went out to his garden yard to pray and ask a favor from God.
“Oh Heaven God,” he prayed. “I have prayed to you for many years faithfully. I have also offered all kinds of food for you.
Oh God! Please let me strike the lottery.”
The lazy man waited for a few weeks. Nothing happened. He became disappointed and angry. Out into the garden he went again. He knelt down and shouted,
“Oh Heaven God, don’t You think You are being unreasonable. All I ask for is a strike at the lottery.”
Suddenly he heard a voice thundering from the sky: “Who’s being unreasonable? You didn’t buy any lottery!”
A superstitious and deluded person lacks clear and reasonable thinking. He can do the most foolish things.

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