Friday, February 12, 2010

Affirmations and Aspirations 3

* I am thankful for all the love in my life.
* I manifest wonderful things in my life when I let my thoughts come from a loving place in my heart.
* I acknowledge my hurt or anger and I release it safely and easily.
* I am a joyous, creative, loving expression of life.
* Loving myself completely means I have more love to give others.
* As I trust in the process of life what I need comes to me and I give grateful thanks when it does.
* Love surrounds me, flows within me and radiates out from me so that all who come into contact with me feel healed and nourished .
* I make choices that are good for me.
I choose to put myself at the top of my priority list knowing that when I am well and happy I can help others even more.
* Wonderful new opportunities are opening up for me. My vision is clear and my future is bright.
* Today I will have an emotional detoxification.
I choose to think only positive thoughts.
* I love and accept myself as I am for I know that I am always doing the best I can in any situation.
* Everything is working out perfectly for my highest good and I remember to repeat this to myself whenever a challenge appears.
* I appreciate the miracle that is my body and I take loving care of it. My body instinctively knows what it needs and what makes me healthy and whole, I listen.
* There is an abundance of love in my life, the more love I give the more I, in turn receive, and there is an endless supply.
* I make new uplifting friends wherever I go and know that I am never alone. As I reach out to others they reach out to me.
* Negativity is only a thought and a thought can be changed. I choose to replace all negative thoughts with positive healthy thoughts that nourish me on all levels .
* What I need comes to me in the perfect time and way as I stop trying to control things and just go with the flow of life.
* I am loving, creative and intelligent. Choosing to see and accept myself this way allows me to make positive changes in my life.
* I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

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