Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wisdom From A Laugh 89

Missing Husband
A middle-aged woman went with her neighbor to the local police station to report about her missing husband. She was asked to give a description of his appearance.

She said, “He’s tall and handsome - 36 years old, 6 foot 1, has blue eyes and wavy hair, weighs 160 pounds with an athletic built, speaks kindly and takes good care of the children.”

Her neighbor was quite shocked at her description. After filing the report, on the way back,
the neighbor exclaimed, “But your husband does not look the way you described … he’s short with a pot belly, his head is bald, he speaks in a rough manner and is impatient with children …”

The wife replied, “I know but who would want such a man back?”

There are spouses who harbor the secret wish that life would be better if their partners left them. ( Which spouse does not have faults? The spouse with faults needs to realize them and change for the better. The other half too has to reflect on his/her own faults and learn to live in harmony for the sake of the family. )

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