Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Choice - A Spiritual Story

A Choice
A Spiritual Story by Unknown Author
A beggar asked Ibrahim ibn Al Adham for charity.
Ibrahim told him: "I'll give you better than that; come with me."
Ibrahim accompanied the beggar to see a merchant, and asked him to find a job for the beggar. As Ibrahim was well trusted, the merchant didn't hesitate to give some merchandises to the beggar and asked him to travel and sell them in another city.

A few days later, Ibrahim found the beggar still in a miserable condition; surprised, he asked him about the matter.
The beggar informed him: "While traveling, I found a blind eagle in the desert, and I was very curious how it got food though it was blind; I observed it for some time, and, to my big surprise, another eagle came by and fed it. Thus, I said to myself: Ah, WHOEVER took care of that blind eagle in this desert will also take care of me! I returned to the city and gave the merchant back his goods."
Ibrahim, after reflection, asked him:

"But tell me, why did you choose to be the blind eagle, not the other one, who could fly, chase, and take care of others?"
* How often have we been conquered by the Mara forces of laziness, mental sloth and torpor and foolish delusions?
* Let us learn to be more self-reliant, industrious, determined and persevering ...these are hallmarks of a dignified and worthy human being.
* May we choose to live a meaningful and worthy life of developing our wisdom and reaching out to the more unfortunate ones.
* Effort, energy, patience and mindful striving on are essential in walking the spiritual path.

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