Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dhamma Reflection 2


So you should view all this fleeting world:
A Star at dawn, a Bubble in a stream;
A Flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
A Flickering lamp, a Phantom, and a Dream.
Diamond Sutra
When one contemplates on Anicca, Impermanence, one will one day realize or see
  • the transiency of all worldly or samasaric things ... then one begins to let go.
  • the futility of perpetuating the ego self.
  • that peace comes through non-attachment.
  • the foolishness of harbouring illwill or hatred to others.
  • that what matters is THE MOMENT, THE NOW.
  • true happiness, peace and freedom can only prevail in OUR REAL HOME WITHIN - the unconditioned and unborn state. Then one will walk THE PATH to our real home.

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