Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do you wonder why ...

Living in hunger and misery
What’s in store for the poor's destiny ?
Basking in riches and luxury
How fortunate can some get to be ?
What has brought some such stunning beauty ?
Have you wondered thoughtfully
Why some are born so ugly ?
Many are the diseased and the sickly.
Some meet with their end so very quickly.
Good health is a Blessing indeed .
But how can this be guaranteed ?
There are some with a most intelligent mind.
Would you say this is due to the Great Divine?
The imbecile, the fool, the moronic …
What makes them deserve something so tragic ?
Some meet their end in a violent way.
They cannot bargain for one more day.
There’s impermanence in everything.
A peaceful death is a great blessing.
A mind of calm, peace and serenity
Is the final Goal of everybody
There’s something that’s really sad
When you meet one who is mad.
Many live in abject poverty.
Days seem to stretch for Eternity.
Some are born so very wealthy.
Material things come easily.
Some children are so fortunate indeed.
Loving parents tend to their every need.
Fathers and Mothers some have lost.
Much pain this has certainly caused.
For the handicapped, times can be rough.
To cope with life they need to be tough.
Being normal physically and mentally
Would enable one to live Life meaningfully.
Would the wealthy one in his mansion
Catch your undivided attention ?
The homeless ones wander from place to place.
They’re found in every nation, every race.
When natural disasters strike,
Many suffer amidst their might.
Living in a land of peace and harmony
Is truly a real blessing, don’t you agree ?
King, Queen or a Member of Royalty…
Is it mere chance or opportunity ?
Life is full of hardship and misery
For one born an outcast of society.
Caught in lands or times of war and strife
So many suffer much in their life.
It’s a Blessing to live in a country
That’s free from conflict and adversity.
Do you want to know most eagerly ?
“What is the secret to longevity” ?
We want to live life joyfully.
No one wants to die so early.
For some life is mostly painful and sad
With experiences so trying and bad.
Isn’t life so specially good and kind
To those who are happy most of the time ?

Dear Brothers and Sisters Of Great Humanity :It’s time we seek the answers to
Life’s Mystery. Only then can we clearly chart our Destiny.

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