Sunday, June 11, 2006

Reflections on Spells and Charms

"On Spells and Charms"

* In most cases, so-called spells and charms are problems of the mind - deep-rooted fears, superstitions and wrong conditioning of the mind. In such cases, help can be sought from psychologists, counsellors and Dhamma therapy.
* When the mind is strong - clear and pure, free from negative states, filled with Right Thought and motivated by good intentions to do good deeds or charity- the mind cannot be 'charmed' and the person cannot fall under any spell.
* In a very small number of cases - due to past kamma , present wrong doing and a weak mind, a person can be 'charmed' -- occultists or people who dabble in spirits might take some control over the weak mind. ( Such people generate bad kamma for themselves) .
* In some rare instances, spirit possession might take place. For these rare cases, help can be sought from religious people - suitable monks and priests.
* For a Buddhist who practices very well Dana ( Charity ), Sila ( Morality ) and Bhavana ( Mental cultivation - Chanting and Meditation and Dhamma Reflections ) and who takes true Refuge in The Triple Gem, he will be free from the danger of any charms or possession.
* There can be no clear cut answers to the question of charms, spells and possession - each case has to be studied and investigated and then treatment or a solution to the problem sought.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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