Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wisdom Lesson From A Laugh 10 ...

Infidelity and The Doctor
A man telephoned his doctor . “Doctor, my son has an infectious disease.”
“Then you have to keep him away from others in the house”, the doctor said.
“But you don’t understand. He kissed the maid.”
“Well, that’s too bad. We’ll have to quarantine the maid too,” said the doctor.
“And doctor, I kissed her and had sex with her too,” said the guilty father.
“This is getting complicated,” the doctor commented. “It means that you may also have got it.”
“Yes, doctor, and unfortunately, I also kissed and had sex with my wife.”
“Damn it,” the doctor sighed, “now I will get it too !”
Reflection * A person has to face the negative consequences of his infidelity.
* One who commits adultery brings suffering to himself and others.
* For the mental peace of one's mind and the peace and harmony in a
family it is important to practice the third precept of refraining
from sexual misconduct.

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