Monday, August 14, 2006

Wisdom From A Laugh 19

'Are You Married?'
Soh Loh did not know how to talk to ladies. Once, before going on a foreign trip, his friend said that if he were to meet a lady, he could ask questions such as
1) Are you married?
2) Do you have any children?
Soh Loh boarded the plane and sat between two ladies. After a while, he turned to one of the ladies and said, "Are you married?" The lady replied, "No." He then asked, "Do you have any children?" The lady slapped him muttering about his rudeness.
Ah Soh then turned to the other lady and asked, “Do you have any children?" The lady replied ,"Oh yes!" Ah Soh, without thinking asked, "Are you married?" He received another slap.
* How often have we, due to wrong speech, caused trouble, hurt to others , quarrels and fights?
* Wrong speech is often due to a lack of mindfulness, understanding, consideration for others' feelings and sheer stupidity and ignorance.
* Practice Right Speech : No Lying, No Slander, No Harsh Speech and No Stupid or Frivolous Talk.
* We should practice Truthful Speech, Speech which brings harmony and reconcialiation, Kind Speech and Beneficial Speech which can help others grow in Compassion and Wisdom.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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