Monday, August 21, 2006

Wisdom From A Laugh 20

Mrs. Durell listened with a smile to her 6-year old son’s story, about how he played doctor with the neighbor’s daughter, 7-year old Monica.
“We want to marry,” her son Dicky said decisively.
“That’s nice,” the mother said, “but shouldn’t you wait for a while? After all, you are so young. And anyway, how are you going to pay the bills?”
“Oh, we discussed that," Dickie answered. “We shall pool our pocket money and in winter clear away the snow for the neighbors. We will manage very nicely.”
“And what will you do when you have a baby?” the mother asked.
Dicky replied almost immediately, "So far we've been lucky!"
Reflection : Young kids today are capable of doing things you least expect. Parents have a great task in bringing up and educating children . Good parenting skills are indeed needed.
With Metta,
Brother Oh Teik Bin

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