Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Buddha Says ... 26

Indeed, he who moves in the company of fools
grieves for long.
Association with fools is ever painful,
like partnership with an enemy.
But association with the wise is happy,
like meeting one's own kinsmen.
Dhammapada Chapter15 Verse 207
* Fools lead a life much rooted in greed, unwholesome desires, anger, aggression, enmity, illwill, hatred, ignorance and delusion.
* Undoubtedly, a worldling associating with fools would soon be drawn into unskillful ways of living ... and this will lead to much dukkha.
* Associating with people who walk the Noble Way ... a Path based on charity, detachment, peacefulness, love and compassion, mindfulness and wisdom ... would bring about spiritual growth through positive influences. And this will lead to happiness, peace and freedom.

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