Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Buddha Says 27

The fool is careless.
But the master guards his watching.
It is his most precious treasure.
Dhammapada Ch. 2 Verse 26
* A fool is one who, through ignorance indulges in mental, verbal and bodily actions that are rooted in greed, anger, hatred, ego and delusion.
* A fool will experience more and more Dukkha ( Suffering ) ... a consequence of his foolish actions.
* A fool is heedless and mindless in his actions ... he is not alert and mindful ... he lacks attention and wise consideration of his ways and actions. He indulges in unwholesome sensual pursuits which will inevitably and ultimately bring him much pain.
* A wise one is ever alert, attentive, heedful and mindful of his ways and actions; his good practice of mindfulness and careful wise consideration will bring him happiness, calmness, joy, peace and freedom of the mind.
* As death will level all ( in terms of material possessions, ownership, status, power ...etc.), it is only the mind development and training that ultimately counts ... mental cultivation and development through the practice of the 'Four Foundations of Mindfullness' is indeed the only 'true wealth'.
Strive on diligently to develop the mind through walking
The Noble Eightfold Path.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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