Saturday, February 17, 2007

Coping With Anger

This 'Monster' called ANGER
Yes, all of us face the 'problem' of anger at one time or other with different degrees. Unless and until we take steps to deal with anger, our physical and mental health will be adversely affected and we will continue to suffer the pain of Dukkha.
The following practices can help one to cope with the problem of anger or to lessen anger:
1. Learning, understanding, practising, reflecting on the Dhamma and realizing Dhamma gradually. ( Central doctrines like The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path, The Three Signs, Kamma and Rebirth, The Nature of the Mind etc are important.)
Dhamma Practice centers on Dana ( Charity, Generosity ) , Sila ( Morality ) and Bhavana ( Meditation ).
2. The Practice of Metta Bhavana ( Meditation on Loving-Kindness ).
3. The Practice of Vipassana Meditation. ( Insight Mediatation)
4. Constant practice of watching the mind in our every day life.
5. Developing the attitude of "Letting Go" and "Letting Be" when our wisdom ( developed through Dhamma Practice ) tells us so.
( There are two very simple practical books which can be of great help viz.
a) Working with Anger By Ven Thubten Chodron
b) Curbing Anger, Spreading Love By Vissuddhacara

When we are critical of others with a mind filled with aversion, anger, ill will or hatred, then we suffer and the mind would be difficult to develop in metta, compassion, calmness and insight. Again, only through patient Dhamma Practice will we be able to curb the problem ... only then will we be able to 'cut' through the conditioning of our mind that has been happening over aeons of time in countless lives. The untrained mind tends to be easily upset, disappointed, irritated, judgmental and filled with many other defilements ( the root is EGO ... only when Anatta is realized will the mind be totally free. ) So you see again, the way out of the problem is to 'tame' the mind and realize NON-SELF ... and develop compassion and wisdom.
Dukkha ( Suffering ) arises when one's expectations don't meet with the realities of life .. having an insight into this is important. When we develop the Right Attitude and Right Views, expectations lessen and 'no expectations' grow ... the mind grows in calmness, acceptance and wisdom. Of course we can have hopes and make aspirations ( they are different from expectations ) ... but the wise mind learns to accept calmly and peacefully things as they come.
No one in Samsara can be free from the 8 Worldly Winds of :
* Pleasure and Pain
* Gain and Loss
* Praise and Blame
* Honor and Dishonor
When one gradually gains insight into this dhamma, one gains more and more peace, bliss and freedom.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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