Friday, February 16, 2007

The Power Of Dhamma

The Power Of Dhamma
One can never underestimate the power of Dhamma (Truth). Speaking the Dhamma or sharing the Dhamma selflessly for the benefit, peace and happiness of others is a most meritorious deed. The Buddha said that The Gift of Dhamma is the Greatest Gift. And the power Dhamma can give a person is tremendous : Energy, peace, joy, happiness, alertness and clarity of the mind are some of the positive experiences that can arise through Dhamma sharing or reflection. These words are not to be taken or believed blindly... The Buddha once said:
"As the wise test gold by burning, cutting and rubbing it, So, bhikkhus, should you accept my words -- after testing them, and not merely out of respect."
One of the experiences I had verifying the power of Dhamma was way back in 1993 during the time of the PBHP 1st Dhamma Youth Camp at the San Min Private Secondary School. The Theme was "Good Heart, Clear Mind." It was really tough work for a few of us adult members organizing and running the Camp. There were only about 5 students ( Form 4? I remember the students : the Leaders of the 5 Groups, Wen Chii, Peck Ing, Hui Kong, Kok Wei and Sue Ling ) to help us. The work was truly taxing ( physically and mentally ) ... there were so many things to tend to involving about 20 sub-committees ... ranging from Dhamma slots to dynamics, sports, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Prizes, Certificates, Kitchen and Meals, Hymns, Talent Night, Fellowship Night etc etc.
One night ( 3rd Night? ), I was feeling really dead tired ( both physically and mentally ) and I made my way up to a 2nd Floor classroom to take a break or sleep. It was past 12 midnight already. Along the staircase, a group of students ( I cannot now remember their names ) met me and asked if I could spare some time as they had some Dhamma questions to ask me. Well, I said 'Yes' and led them to a vacant classroom for the Dhamma sharing. Something 'miraculous' happened as I did the Dhamma sharing with the students who were very sincere and keen to know or learn some Dhamma. As the Dhamma flowed, all my tiredness and exhaustion vanished ... there was a tremendous surge of energy into me. I experienced a profound sense of peace, tranquility and joy. Such indeed is the Power of The Dhamma.
When the Dhamma session ended it was near to 2 a.m.
With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

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