Thursday, February 01, 2007

PBHP - Facilities

Key :
Wisdom Hall ; Dhammacakka Hall; Kitchen;

Dhammacakka Building Porch; Reference Library; Compassion Hall;

Dhamma Library; Bodhi Auditorium; 1st Floor Balcony;

Main Building; A Classroom; 2nd Floor Balcony;

The Facilities of Persatuan Buddhist Hilir Perak.

They include the following :
· Two major Shrine halls and 2 small ones
· A Multimedia Auditorium
· A total of 10 classrooms in the two buildings
· A Dhamma library
· An Educational library
· Two multi-purpose balconies
· Free Distribution and Circulation of Buddhist Items Display area
· A hall stage with a prep room
· Four Guest rooms
· A conference room
· A kitchen adjoining the two buildings
· A total of 20 toilets/washrooms for the two buildings

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