Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Good Heart, Clear Mind"

The Theme of The 1st Dhamma Youth Camp 1993 - Reflections
The Buddha Says...
* Not harming living beings, not speaking lies, taking nothing in all the world unasked, nor going to the wives of other men, and never drinking intoxicants:
One who gives up these five harmful acts and does not engage in them, is truly called a virtuous man.

* In every virtue all accomplished with wisdom full and mind composed, looking within and ever mindful - thus one crosses the raging flood.

* To one who is without evil, always striving for purity, a wrong the size of a hair tip seems as big as a rain cloud.

* The world is led around by mind; by mind the world is plagued. Mind is itself the single thing which brings all else beneath its sway.

* Live without covetous greed, fill your mind with benevolence. Be mindful and one-pointed, inwardly stable and concentrated.

* My mind is firm like a rock, unattached to sensual things, not shaking in the midst of a world where all is shaking. My mind has thus been well-developed, so how can suffering come to me?

* No mother nor father nor any other kin can do greater good for oneself than a mind directed well.

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