Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Walk The Dhamma Way

"Walk The Dhamma Way"
Theme of The 3rd Dhamma Youth Camp 1995-Reflections
* The good luck of virtues never fades; faith also brings great good. Wisdom is man's most precious gem, merit no thief can steal.
* Speak kind words, words rejoiced and welcomed, words that bear ill will to none; always speak kindly to others.
* Thoroughly understanding the Dhamma and freed of the longing through insight, the wise one rid of all desire is as calm as a pool unstirred by wind.
* By doing evil, one defiles oneself; by avoiding evil, one purifies oneself. Purity and impurity depend upon oneself; no one can purify another.
* Peaceful, quiet and restrained, speaking little, without conceit - such a one shakes off all evil as wind shakes leaves off a tree.
* He who takes delight in harmlessness, sharing love with all that live, finds enmity with none.
* The straight Path has been clearly shown; walk forward and don't turn back. Urge yourself onwards by yourself; in that way attain Nibbana.
* The flood is crossed by faith; by vigilance the sea is crossed; pain is overcome by vigour; by wisdom one is purified.

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