Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wisdom From A Laugh 52

Toilet Paper
There were three bald-headed middle-aged men, Choon, Gong and Ho.
They were staying in a hotel by the sea. One day the three of them were taking a stroll along the beach. Suddenly a seagull swooped down low and deposited its droppings on the bald head of Gong. Ho, being a simple good-hearted person started to run back to the hotel saying, “Don’t worry. I will soon be back with some toilet paper.”
Pointing at Ho running to the hotel, Choon remarked to Gong, “This Ho is really stupid. By the time he comes back with the toilet paper, the seagull would have flown so far away!”

A person who lacks clear thinking and has muddled-up views over matters can say or do foolish things.

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